my wife is gangster 1

my wife is gangster 2

my wife is gangster 3

aku bru je tgk cite tu beberapa ari yg lepas...
die ade 3 story... yg ke 3 tu aku da lme tgk...
then aku tgk yg 1st n 2nd tu...
perrgh.... mmg TERBAEK nok!!!
suke gile aku ngn pelakon heroin die..

somell sgt... 

ni la die.. npk ganaz kn..!

pic die lawan2

pic kawen die dlm movie ni

die ni npk cm tomboy.. tp hakikat ny die mmg gurl.... comel sungguh

ni die... rmbut pjg
tp yg ke 3 nye bkn die blakun.. org len yg amwk watak die...
tp bole tahan gak best ny~
ape2 pn korg kne tgk cite ni.... terbaek nok....
layan gile.. klakar suspender n syok abis.... huhu

"A tomboy gang boss tries to keep her day job a secret from her sappy spouse in "My Wife Is a Gangster," a likable comedy-actioner that develops in unexpected directions. Playing with role-reversal ideas in a way that still seems fresh even to blase Western auds, pic sports a striking central perf from actress Shin Eun-gyeong and a gallery of strong supports, though non-Korean viewers may be put off by the relative lack of action and leisurely pacing. Since opening in late September, film has become the second biggest local grosser of the year, bagging a hefty 5.2 million admissions (close to $30 million) on a midrange budget of $1.5 million."

ni la sedikit sebanyak coment org dlm cite ni... hihi... 

so ape lg... LAYAN kn jerk!

* byk pic die aku lom upload lg.. huhu..

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